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30 Jahre Jubiläum


In order to follow the set of fashion we started to produce sparkling wine in 2001. This kind of wine is very well known as well as “Frizzante” which is typical for Italy. Well, due to the name of our business owner “Franz” and to have a very distinctive name, we created our own “Franzzante” and right from the start, it became a big success. Therefore we increased our variety up to 3 different kind of :A dry and fruity Franzzante made of Welschriesling, one with Muskat Ottonel with a distinctive, lovely bouquet and as well with Blaufränkisch-Rosé, fruity, tangy and demi dry. All of them are very refreshing and should be served well chilled.

"Muskat Ottonel "Franzzante""
sparkling wine made of Muskat Ottonel

 7,50       0.75 l
"Welschriesling "Franzzante""
sparkling wine made of welschriesling

 7,50       0.75 l
"Blaufränkisch Rosé "Franzzante""
sparkling wine made of Blaufränkisch-Rosé

 7,50       0.75 l