Wir sind SALON SIEGER 2021
Wir sind SALON SIEGER 2021

epoints & sights of interest in Mörbisch and in the surrounding area


  • Hofgassen – small streests along the mainstreet (Hauptstrasse)
    pictorial, decorated with flowers
  • Heimathaus – small museum in Mörbisch
    living space and wine cellar with original accommodation(Hauptstraße 55) 
    open from 9 am –12 Noon and from 1 pm- 6 pm;  Entrance fee €1,50


  • Fischerkirche – oldest church in Burgenland, gothic window glas, 2nd oldest pipe organ in Burgenland
  • Altstadt – smallest town in austria with their own ordinances and privileges; several times voted „the most beautiful town“ of Burgenland; numerous stork’s nests

St. Margarethen:

  • Römersteinbruch – (stone pit) – open air museum;
    fossils finds; historical rock walls;
    open air stage; works of art – stone sculpture;



  • Burg Forchtenstein – famous castle
    arms, weapons, picture gallery, portraits from Esterhazy; treasure chamber; chapel, banner collection