Fallstaff Zweigelt Grand Prix Sieg
30 Jahre Jubiläum


The philosophy from Winery Franz Schindler, to give great wines more time to ripe in barrels and bottle the wine later is confirmed by numerous awards and top positions among the best wines in austria.


wein.pur: our top wines like Cuvée d’ Or, Merlot or Lehmgrube repeatedly get high scores, but now as well our Blaufränkisch “Selection” 2008 (which lies in the middle price range) received the highest rating with 3 “glasses”
(wein.pur rates wine with “glasses”, 3 is the highest score for the best wines)

gault millau: for 2012 we got a sensational evaluation. All 6 submitted red wines received 3 “grapes” and our white wines like Cuvée d’ Argent and Sauvignon blanc got 2 “grapes” (gault millau rates wine with “grapes”, 3 is the highest score for the best wines)

Falstaff Red wine guide 2012: again we achieved a good review. Our Zweigelt “Selection” with 90 points was only 1 point behind the winner of the Zweigelt Trophy. Our top red wine Cuvée d’ Or is as well with 92 points among the best. Our Blaufränkisch Lehmgrube received even 93 points! All our wines convinced the jury with potential and ripeness which proves our philosophy.

wo isst österreich 2012: awarded us with 3 „cellar cats“. Only 14 wineries in the area of the Neusiedlersee-Hübelland got the highest score. (wo isst österreich rates wine with “cellar cats”, 3 is the highest score)

A LA CARTE: 93 points for Cuvée d' Or 2002 * 92 points for Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

GAULT MILLAU: 3rd Grape for our winery * first place with Grande Cuvée d´Or 2003  (Gault Millau rates wine with “grapes”, 3 is the highest score)

VINARIA TROPHY: 2nd place in the category red wine cuvées (blends) for Grande Cuvée d’ Or 2002 * Best Merlot according Vinaria 2004, 2005 and 2006!!!


some awards from the last years

FALSTAFF: ranked among the best 3 * star wineries in Austria,  high scores at the FALSTAFF RED WINE GUIDE (among the top 50 red wine makers in Austria) 92 points at the FALSTAFF RED WINE GUIDE with Cuvée d’ Or 2008 and Blaufränkisch Lehmgrube 2008

ÖSTERREISCHISCHEN WEINSALON: accepted  in the austrian „Weinsalon“ with Cuvée d’ Or 2007

AUSTRIAN’S BEST WINES: highest score for Cuvée d’ Or 2004 and 2007 at the exhibition

INTERVINO in Klagenfurt: 1st place for Cuvée d´Or 2006 at the Intervino 2009 (winte tasting on location)
Firn & Wine in the Pitztal: victory for Cuvée d'Or 2007 in the Category red wine